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Our Main Focus

Wellsprings of Westmoreland nursing care is dedicated to providing compassionate person-centered care by building genuine relationships with our residents. We offer a variety of services including skilled nursing services, long-term care, Alzheimer’s and dementia-based care, and Assisted Living. Our diverse nursing services provides options for all levels of care by highly trained licensed and certified staff.

Long Term Care

In our long-term care setting, we take every opportunity to preserve autonomy and dignity among our residents while supporting their desire to stay as independent as they like. Prior to admission our staff is dedicated to dive into their lives and find out what makes them who they are. We encourage family and loved ones to be included in this process by telling us their story. We want to continue that story in the greatest capacity.

So... How do we get to know your loved one?

We ask many questions ranging from:

  • What religious activities are you involved in or want to be involved in?

  • How many children do you have, and how can nurture that relationship?

  • What accomplishments are you proud of? Can we celebrate them with you?

  • What do you like to do every day? What would you like to do that you haven’t been able to enjoy due to limited mobility or lack of support?

Why Us?

It can be very stressful to give up independence and rely on caretakers for daily activities. It is our mission that each of our residents continue with their favorite activities, social groups, mealtimes and daily routines. Something as simple as the morning coffee routine to watching the sun set every night can give an individual a sense of identity. Our staff is trained to function on a person first rather than task first work structure. By doing so, our residents have a greater sense of independence regardless of care provided.  In addition to daily routines, we enjoy encouraging our residents to remain active in the community and continue to explore life outside of the facility. Daily activities may include trips to local farms, shopping outings, Bingo, religious activities, manicures and daily exercise. 

360 Care

Wellsprings of Westmoreland has selected 360Care as our ancillary provider for on-site Dental, Vision, Podiatry and Audiology services.  No longer will Residents need to travel out to appointments.  360Care brings in local providers and local technicians.  These additional services are covered by a private insurance policy available at no additional cost to qualifying Residents.

  • Vision:  Glasses labeled with Resident’s name and date; State of the art equipment for retinal photos and accurate prescription measurement for Residents with cognitive communication deficits; fall risk assessment and intervention.
  • Dental:  X-ray equipment present at every visit inside the facility; Simple extractions, thorough cleanings, and fillings done on site using state of the art dental equipment; Dentures customized for a perfect fit labeled with Resident’s name.
  • Podiatry:  Comprehensive podiatry care for Residents with medical necessity on a regular basis; Fall risk assessment and intervention.
  • Audiology:  Digital Hearing Aids; Cerumen removal

That’s 360Care, bringing care to you!

Restorative Nursing Programs

Assessing each resident’s individual self-care performance and implementing a tailor-made program to increase independence. These tasks include dressing, bed, mobility, walking, personal hygiene care, and eating.

24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care

Assessing each resident’s individual self-care performance and implementing a tailor-made program to increase independence.

Pain Management

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On-site Rehabilitation Services

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IV Therapy

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Wound Care

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Ostomy Care

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Transportation to Appointments

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Hospice Care

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Medication Administration

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Respite Care Services

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Adult Daycare

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In-House Dentist Services

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Post-Surgical Care

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Memory Care and Support

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In-house Psychosocial Counseling

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