The roots of Wellsprings of Westmoreland sink deep into the Kansas soil. In 1973 a group of local leaders met at the urging of Doctor Thomas Dechairo to discuss the need for care of chronic illnesses. These citizens included Erwin Scott, Louise Edwards, Lloyd Springer, Dale Area, William Hoffman, Edward Moore, and M. O. Hill. Options were discussed, and Westmoreland attorney, Gary Conklin, was enlisted to write bylaws for the new Westy Community Care Home.

Rather than ownership vested in a few people, it was agreed that the new enterprise would be structured as a Not-for-Profit. The Bylaws stated that “no part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, ...”

With the help of the Farmers State Bank, construction was commenced. Permanent financing was provided through the sale of bonds which were primarily purchased by local citizens. In March of 1975, WCCH was opened with fifty beds available for care. Ona Mae Price served as the first administrator.

As a reputation for excellence became known, there was a need for expansion. In the 1980’s a wing was built on the west side of the north hall which increased the bed total to sixty. A large recreation room with a basement underneath was added to the north hall at the same time.

In 1993 another wing was added to the east which included office spaces, a chapel, and a larger lobby / lounge area. Soon thirteen beds on the north hall and the recreation room were remodeled to become the Dechairo Memory Care Unit. Staff members were trained to care for residents who needed intense supervision and specialized activities.

In 2004 a donation to WCCH made possible another expansion. An addition at the end of the south hall was built to house newly available therapy services. This allowed for contracting with therapists to assist both residents and local citizens needing these services.

In 2007 a two-level Assisted Living Complex was completed with eleven new apartments ranging from studio size to a two-bedroom apartment. This building also houses a children’s day care center, a conference room, two offices, and additional space.

In 2012 the kitchen was enlarged to allow for expanded refrigeration and food storage.

In 2019 the current Board of Directors began discussion of a new vision and strategy for the future. With the changing environment and many services now provided beyond skilled nursing care, it was agreed to start a new era with a revised mission statement and a name fitting “who we are today”. On September 28, 2019 an open house was held to celebrate Westy Community Care Home becoming Wellsprings of Westmoreland.